How We Help You

Resolutia, a national healthcare consulting company, is introducing a specialty bill review and negotiation service specifically addressing high-deductible health plans. It’s simple—we negotiate discounts on patient out-of-pocket costs for the health plan member. With a few keyboard strokes, insureds or plan administrators now have the ability, via a web portal, to employ Resolutia in reducing patient balance bill amounts with a hospital or physician, on a case-by-case basis.

This program is designed to help you maintain a higher balance in your HSA account (or bank account) due to your deductible/copayment responsibility, particularly with regard to high-deductible plans. A professional negotiator will review and negotiate the charges, obtain a signed agreement with the provider, and the savings go directly to the patient account balance.


Resolutia fees are paid by your employer or are based on a percentage of savings (contingency fee).

Our team at Resolutia looks forward to bringing more value to you and your medical benefits by delivering immediate savings through discounts on your balance bill.


Fee Negotiation

Resolutia® specializes in reviewing and negotiating medical claims, nationwide, for group health and workers’ compensation claims. With leadership of over 24 years in our field, Resolutia offers industry leading cost-containment services to payers across the healthcare and work comp spectrum.

The highlights of our services are:

No appeals: Resolutia always obtains a written sign-off from the provider—settlements are never contested—a hallmark feature of our services.

Exceptional turnaround time: TAT is of utmost importance to payers and we take this fact seriously—turnaround on claims are managed by our claim reporting system and customer service focus.

Transparent in every way: All terms of our agreements are fully disclosed to the provider and payer ensuring payment expectations and timeframes are always met.

Superior savings and success: We’re only as good as our numbers and have a reputation unmatched in the industry. Ask us about our no savings-no fee guarantee.

There is no substitute for hands-on, financial, data-driven fee negotiations on medical claims. With ever increasing scrutiny and skepticism around PPO discounts, Resolutia is prepared to take on your non-network (and in some cases in- network, or low/no-discount) medical claims. Negotiations can also be performed on a “pre-treatment” basis, e.g., on transplant cases or episodes of care on a concurrent basis.

Download Brochure – ResolutiaHealth_FeeNegotiations.pdf


Empowering Through Consulting

Resolutia empowers employers and payers as a trusted consultant on how to best administer our patient advocacy program based on the makeup and specifics of their business. We can train your staff, implement the program and turn it over to the health plan administrator. Licensing fees may apply or our contingency fee based arrangement may be utilized. Your employee base/insureds will benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs in addition to awareness of your effort to maximizing their health care benefits and stretch their health care dollar.

We look forward to helping you help your employees and/or insureds!