Patient Advocacy

As your financial advocate, Resolutia performs a review of your account millmanmedicalindexbalance and negotiates a discount with medical providers, on your behalf. Savings will apply directly to your HSA account or plan out-of-pocket costs essay writer – think healthier account balances! In and era of high-deductible plans and ever rising out of pockets costs, our services help to offset these significant cost increases with real, immediate savings for the patient.

With an established track record of developing and deploying innovative bill review and fee negotiation services to payers nationwide, our team is taking this knowledge and expertise and applying it on the patient portion of medical billing. Consumers and health plans will now benefit from substantial savings and consulting guidance on patient out-of-pocket costs of health care claims, on a nationwide basis.


The Trend


Increasing Patient Out-Of-Pocket Costs

According the Milliman Medical Index (MMI), costs per family in a typical health plan have more than doubled in nine years from $9,235 for a family of four to $19,393.

  • Employees’ share of the total cost is at an all time high, having increased from 36.8% in the first year of MMI (2005) to $39.7% in 2011.
  • Employee out-out-of-pocket costs have risen to an average of $3,280 in 2011 and this trend shows no sign of slowing. “An increasing portion of the cost has been borne by the employee – in nine years, the total cost paid by the employee has more than doubled. In 2002, the employee share of these costs was affordable papers $3,634 and it now stands at $8,008.” Kalorama Information, 2011
  • “out-of-pocket healthcare spending was $303 Billion in 2010 with the rate of growth accelerating to 8% annually in the coming years.��� Kalorama Information, 2011

Recognizing these trends, Resolutia is taking the knowledge and experience of over 20 years of claim review and cost-containment directly to the consumer/patient arena with ACCESS Patient Advocacy.