How It Works


Direct Patient Access:

The amount billed by your medical essay writer provider, for the portion you are responsible for (after the insurance liability), is your deductible and/or copayment. Upon receipt of this statement, log onto our patient account tab on our website and enter all required information. Upon submission, Resolutia will review and negotiate your account within 3 to 5 days and return the results to you via email or in writing. Fees are applied only to a small portion of your savings or will be paid by your employer.

Direct Payer Access:

Via our Web Portal, customers login and download claim information on our secure site, whereby this information is uploaded and processed by Resolutia staff. Upon completion, results are posted in real time on our website and payment is executed. Our web portal offers single point entry of claim information and transmission of information is email based.

Actual Case Example:

Total Charges: $5,248.82
(Insurance) PaymentsAdjustments ($2,640.62)
What you owe now: (deductible) ($2,808.20)
Resolutia negotiated discount: ($561.64)
Patient adjusted balance: $2,246.56
Net Savings to patient: $449.31*

* Please note, affordable papers fees may vary depending on client agreements and volume.