Patient Advocacy

As your financial advocate, Resolutia performs a review of your account and negotiates a discount with medical providers, on your behalf. Savings will apply directly to your HSA account or plan out-of-pocket costs – think healthier account balances! With an established track record of developing and deploying innovative bill review and fee negotiation services to payers nationwide, our team is taking this knowledge and expertise and applying it on the patient portion of medical billing. Consumers and health plans will now benefit from substantial savings and consulting guidance on patient out-of-pocket costs of health care claims.


Resolutia, a national healthcare consulting company, is introducing a specialty bill review and negotiation service specifically addressing high-deductible health plans. It’s simple—we negotiate discounts on patient out-of-pocket costs for the health plan member. With a few keyboard strokes, insureds or plan administrators now have the ability, via a web application, to employ Resolutia in reducing patient balance bill amounts with a hospital or physician, on a case-by-case basis.

How It Works

The amount billed by your medical provider, (be it hospital or doctor), for the portion you are responsible for (after the insurance liability), is your deductible and/or copayment. Upon receipt of this bill, log onto our patient account tab on our website (or send it to us via fax or email) and enter all required information. Upon submission, Resolutia will review and negotiate your account within 3 to 5 days and return the results to you via email or in writing. Fees are applied only to a small portion of your savings.

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